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A Banquet at the Grand Orient

Welcome to the Grand Orient Restaurant, Garcia’s Place

Founded in 1905 by Manuel Garcia of La Fonda, the Grand Orient quickly became a center for elegant banquets and exquisite meals. Located in the center of downtown Ybor, the Grand Orient continued to flourish as the only Spanish restaurant in the area.

With specialties of Galician ham, mortadella, mayonnaise snapper, and cream cheese and tureen, the entire banquet from the Florida Postmasters Association banquet will be recreated with modern twists.

A Taste of Spain

The menu is a mix of Spanish and local flavors, giving the diner a taste of the Garcia family. With generous servings and friendly staff, the Grand Orient Banquet can be your destination for any high class banquet or large event.

Sample Menu


Calahorra Peppers
Stuffed peppers, with a chicken and oyster filling, seasoned with salt, pepper, and lemon juice


Mixed Seafood Pasta
Seafood pasta, with clams, oysters, and shrimp, tossed with lemon and a white sauce


Rum Fruit Harlequin
A boozy drink composed of Vermouth, coconut rum, lime juice, and soda water

Please Dont Book Your Table

This site is made for a theoretical restaurant, dating back to the late 1800’s. No reservations can be made, as this is not an active restaurant. Thanks

Jana’s Kitchen Recreations

As an enthusiastic student, Jana strives to create elaborate food creations in order to wow her Kaylene-chef and her comedic professor, Dr. Nystrom

Open Hours

Mon-Fri: Closed
Sat-Sun: 1pm-2pm


6969 St Charles St
New Orleans, La 70118



To read more about the history and preparation of the Grand Orient Florida Postmasters Association Banquet, click on This Link.

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